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AVAIL AB Services - 2022

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T R U S T E D V A L U A T I O N SHow Much Is Your Practice Really Worth?T R A N S I T I O N P L A N N I N GS E L L I N G A P R A C T I C E Lessons From 10+ Years of Selling M E E TW E S T E R N C A N A D A ' S L E A D I N G D E N T A L B R O K E R A V A I L D E N T A L A D V I C E . C O MPlan For Success & Maximize Your EffortsA L B E R T A E D I T I O N 2 0 2 2

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Our experience & in depth understanding of the local industry"pulse" become your #1 advantage in the marketplace. Ourtrusted reputation for confidentiality & integrity means we arethe right choice to "Quarterback" your transition, valuation orplanning needs.Whether you need a valuation, full-service brokerage or anythingin between, know that we can help. With our expertise &proprietary processes, we create a seamless, hassle free,rewarding experience.Our mission is pretty straightforward; treat others as we would want to be treated.We are proud to say, this carries over to all aspects of our consulting, brokerageservices, seminars & bookkeeping services. We support buyers & sellers throughany & all of their transition needs. We are very active in supporting our communitythrough various industry events, charities & fundraising efforts. A B O U T A V A I LFor More Info Visit:www.AvailDentalAdvice.comContact Us:Toll Free: 1-866-GO-AVAIL(1-866-462-8245)This is our specialty, ourlegacy - let us assist youwith yours!Darren ShanahanPrincipal & Founder(403) 862-7406Jessie McCrackenNorthern Alberta Rep.(780) 222-8864Sara TrennNorthern Alberta Rep.(780) 497-9866Andrew JonesNorthern Alberta Rep.(587) 599-0760Questions? Give us a call & we can start a confidential conversation, no strings attached.

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Darren Shanahan is very easy to converse with, listens well, and quickly understands what the seller has in mind. He was enthusiastic about getting the best possible match for me, outlining the steps to the final sale and alerting me to historical bottlenecks in this type of process...which allowed for a smooth transition.~ Dr. ChapmanC L I E N T F E E D B A C KDarren and his company were top notch professionals when it came to selling my practise. The evaluation was very thorough and completed in a timely manner. The experience was very personable and I was treated like more then just a client. Darren wanted me to be rewarded for my 29 years of building a practise. ~ Dr. Lynn Kozicki- Belyk I would highly recommend Darren Shanahan and Avail to any dentist looking to sell or buya practice. I had a great experience in both cases. Darren was knowledgeable, communicative and very helpful. Thank you Darren for making my transitions as easy and straight forward as possible.~ Dr. Erin EllisOur services include but are not limited to:Trusted ValuationsFull Practice Brokerage ServicesFor Sale By Owner ServicesTransition Planning & ConsultingPartnership Planning"Understand all of your options before you accept or make an offer on a practice. We can help."Valuation ReviewsBuyer RepresentationBusiness PlanningBookkeeping ServicesExpert Keynote & Event SpeakingGroup Seminar TrainingW H A T W E D O

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TRUSTED VALUATIONS How much is your practice worth Determining the fair market value of your dental practice should be completed before you make or consider any major changes to your practice or take any steps towards a transition An accurate appraisal will provide you with a baseline which can be used for many purposes Whether you need an appraisal for planning purposes preparation for a practice sale tax or estate planning associate buy ins matrimonial requirements or anything else we have an appraisal package to suit your needs What I usually tell people is that if you want true perspective on the value of your clinic based on numbers real bank experience Darren is your man He has an understanding of what the bank is looking for that s the real value of your clinic He is very well known thus has a lot of motivated buyers sellers at his disposal Dr Dennis Springhetti Our team has developed an in depth appraisal that is trusted by sellers purchasers accountants lawyers bankers alike Our appraisals are based on business valuation principles that are understood supported by all major financial institutions accountants Our appraisals clearly display the many pieces of the puzzle which combined create the true accurate value of the clinic for all parties We have a reputation for integrity reliability in the work that we do we take pride in building advancing that reputation Give us a call we can start the confidential conversation no strings attached This is our specialty our legacy let us assist you with yours Darren Shanahan Principal Founder Phone Ext 101 Darren AvailDentalAdvice com Questions Contact Us Toll Free 1 866 GO AVAIL 1 866 462 8245 Find More Visit www AvailDentalAdvice com

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S E L L I N G Y O U R P R A C T I C EIf your head is already swimming with the proposition of selling yourdental practice, or transitioning a practice, then you needstraightforward information & the knowledgeable advice of aprofessional broker. Brokers are trained to sell businesses &, as such,we have a higher listing to closing ratio while also achievingmaximum dollar value, reflecting your years of hard work."I had used a competitor to initially sell my practice. Aftera year and really very little interest, I decided to follow upon a recommendation to meet with Darren Shanahan.Immediately I knew I was working with the right guy!Darren was very personable, engaging, and knowledgeableabout the buying and selling of dental practices. Hequickly brought only interested and qualified buyers,which was most appreciated. In addition, once thepurchaser was serious, he made every step of the processsimple. I was able to confidently leave every aspect of thedeal in his hands. Darren did a lot of running aroundgetting signatures and taking care of the small stuffremoving all the stress from me. He had a way of makingboth parties comfortable and confident that the processwas working and that it was a win/win. Selling yourbusiness is a huge endeavour. Having a guy like Darren inyour court, priceless. I couldn’t have done it without him,and I couldn’t recommend him more highly." ~ Dr. Dan SectorWhile there are many ways to sell a dental practice, the benefits of working with the right broker should notbe overlooked. Our approach to the sales process puts both the sellers & buyers at ease, which creates amuch smoother transition. We guide our clients through every step of the sale process, ensuring the kind ofpersonal attention that meets each client's professional & financial needs. Give us a call & we can start theconfidential conversation, no strings attached.This is our specialty, our legacy - let us assist you with yours!Darren ShanahanPrincipal & FounderPhone Ext. 101Darren@AvailDentalAdvice.comQuestions? Contact Us:Toll Free: 1-866-GO-AVAIL(1-866-462-8245)For More,

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T R A N S I T I O N P L A N N I N GQuestions? Contact Us:Toll Free: 1-866-GO-AVAIL(1-866-462-8245)For More Info Visit:www.AvailDentalAdvice.comDarren ShanahanPrincipal & FounderPhone Ext. 101Darren@AvailDentalAdvice.comIsit too early for transitionplanning? Have you ever said toyourself, "I don't have to worry about that until I'm ready toretire" - the truth is that the most successfultransition plansallow sufficient time to put many keycomponents in place longbefore retirement approaches."Without a clearly defined plan, owners leave their personal & financial future to chance." ~ Darren ShanahanIf you have these questions or others, we have accurate answers. This can be a very complex & personally challenging process, and it can be very difficult to do it alone & get all the right pieces in place. AtAvail we specialize in personalized transition planning based on your unique planning needs. We will guide you every step of the way to ensure you have the best plan in place while minimizing yourstress through the process. With the possibility of legal, tax or risk management issues, it is imperative to hire professionals to guide you through this. Give us a call & we can start the confidential conversation, no strings attached.This is our specialty, our legacy - let us assist you with yours!Simply put, transition planning is goalsetting for yourprofessional life & it is never too late or too early to start.Inthe same way that you would not wait to purchase lifeinsurance until you become sick; transition planning shouldbe at the front of mind for any facet of your professional life.When should I start planning?How do I know I'm ready to transition?Who do I need to help me transition?How do I transition my team?What should I do to the practice?Do I need to update anything in my practice?Is a formal business transition plan necessary?Why shouldn't I just handle the transition myself?What is the time frame to work out the tax planning aspects?Some common questions we hear are:

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Darren Shanahan,Darren Shanahan,CEO & FounderCEO & FounderComing Soon!Coming Soon!LeoLeo MorrisonMorrisonAngiAngiMcGarryMcGarryMEET THE TEAM AT AVAIL:Western Canada's Leading Dental BrokerJessie McCrackenAndrewJonesSaraSaraTrennTrennComing Soon!Coming Soon!LoriLori WilliamWilliam National Ortho RepNational Ortho Rep1-866-Go-Avail (1-866-462-8245)

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We have a monthly magazine called "The Dental Desk", which discusses the dental industry's hot topics & solutions to practice challenges. (Sign up by clicking the image to the right.)We have been doing this for 10+ years so there's nothing we haven't seen.Our team covers all of Western Canada.1.2.3.Book A CallDid You Know...Book a call with Darren & Team to confidentially discuss your unique personal situation - click the button below.

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Avail Dental Exit Advisory ServicesProudly Serving Western Canada(Alberta, B.C. & Saskatchewan)1-866-Go-Avail (1-866-462-8245)www.AvailDentalAdvice.comWe're here for you.