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The Dental Desk - Issue #7

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CEO s Message Here we are at the beginning of November and the beginning of another Canadian winter In a way I am grateful for the changing of the seasons but truth be told I would rather keep summer a lot longer than other seasons But I digress Over the past 11 years Avail has attended and been involved with a number of wonderful conferences Of course the pandemic put all of those things on hold for a couple of years but this year we all seem to be back at it For many years my wife and I dreamed of offering a CE experience that would focus on health and wellness while sprinkling in a little professional development and lots of free time for exploring Well I am delighted to announce that we are launching our first annual Winter Get Away CE Experience This exciting opportunity will take place February 15th 19th 2023 in Palm Springs California We have an exciting line up of presenters with a focus on personal health and wellness and we also have several technical speakers We ll be offering yoga and meditation along with tools for stress reduction and achieving a work life balance This valuable experience will be an investment in the dental professional s mind body and practice Check out our website and advertisements or give us a call to learn more We can t wait to see you in Palm Springs in February 2023 Sincerely Looking For Featured Practice Listings CLICK HERE Page 8 Change Management Page 10 Health Wellness Dental Professionals Page 12 Meet Our BC Rep Corinne Mark Page 18 How To Avoid Losing 700k Page 21 Creating Authentic Connection DARREN SHANAHAN Founder CEO Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 2 Avail Dental has been a trusted resource in the dental industry since 2012 www AvailDentalAdvice com

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services inc Sponsors are collaborating on this CE getaway Health Wellness Winter Escape with CE for Canadian Dental Professionals Caring for you Mind Body Practice Cost 649 Guest 250 Date February 15 19 2023 Location Palm Springs California USA Margaritaville Resort A Desert Oasis With Island Soul This unique conference promises to provide dental professionals with a much needed break from our harsh Canadian winter The focus of the conference is to provide interactive activities and seminars covering physical health and wellness stress reduction and positive mental health strategies technical presentations for practicing dentists and financial presentations geared towards the financial health and well being of practice owners In addition to the Continuing Education points available participants will enjoy ample free time to explore the many offerings of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley Participants will also be encouraged to avail themselves of the many extra curricular excursions which will be offered to them REGISTER BEFORE DEC 15TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY Click Here

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE This event has been curated for the dental professional s Mind Body Practice Thursday until 3 pm Friday until 1 30 pm Saturday Wine Tour 7 Golf optional add ons Breakfast lunch provided Presentations for the Mind include Dr Kristin Yont Emotional Freedom Technique Ila Edgar Better Workplace Teams Critical team conversations that drive trust commitment and real results Presentations for the Body include Yoga Meditation Walk Hiking Presentations for the Practice include Dr Amer Hussain Culture branding marketing mindset for practice growth Dr Dhesi Modern Day Dental Techniques Financial Panel Includes Darren Shanahan Hal Murdoch many more Practice Efficeinces Lori William To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com Presented By REGISTER BEFORE DEC 15TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY

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Ask The Expert:D E N T A L I N D U S T R Yby Darren ShanahanFounder & CEO of Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services & has been in theindustry for more than 10 years.What's The Big Deal?www.AvailDentalAdvice.comTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 5

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Over the last several months we’ve been receiving some questions from the dentalcommunity. Our experience in brokering and appraising hundreds and hundreds ofpractices has made us a natural place for professionals to turn with theirquestions. We realized that several people had the same questions and so wethought this might make a great forum for people to ask their questionsanonymously and receive their answers. Therefore, ‘Ask the Expert’ was created.Please feel free to send us an email with your questions I need an appraisal done urgently and you told me it would take3 weeks. Why do your appraisals take 3 weeks?A: While I can’t speak to the process of other brokers, I am happy toshare why our process takes up to 3 weeks. First and foremost, ourteam works diligently to ensure accuracy with our finished product.Accuracy is vital for the client and vital for our reputation - andaccuracy requires time, not being rushed. Secondly, some of theburden of time falls on the client and the client’s team of advisors. Inaddition to requiring after-hours access to a clinic to provide a fullequipment list, there are reports and financials that are required tobuild an appraisal that is accepted by accountants, lawyers andfinancial institutions. Sometimes there are delays in accessing up-to-date financials and other reports. This is outside of our control,but it has been our experience that we can usually gain access tothose vital reports within a 2-3 week period. And, finally, there arealways several clients with appraisals in process. While we do ourbest to accommodate urgent requests, we can not do so by lettingdown our other clients. Therefore, we aim to supply all of our clientswith a complete and accurate appraisal within a 3-week window.Q: I sat in on your presentation ‘What’s The Big Deal’ at theSaskatchewan Oral Health Conference. I found the presentationextremely informative. I see that you will be making thispresentation at several other events. Is this always the samepresentation or will there be more in-depth presentations aroundthis same subject?CANDID COMMENTARY ON PRACTICE VALUATIONASK THE EXPERTThe "COVID Effect" On Your Practice:Call Us To Learn More.In order to prepare for the future,In order to prepare for the future, you must consider the must consider the past. We can help.We can help. 1-866-Go-Avail1-866-Go-Avail ((1-866-462-82451-866-462-8245))

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A: First, thank you for the compliment on my presentation. I workhard to provide something of value to attendees when I am given theopportunity to address a group of professionals. My speakingpresentations this year will all be themed around ‘What’s the BigDeal’ as this is such a hot topic. While the basis of the presentationis always the same (corporate vs legacy vs private sales) there arecertainly opportunities where we can really do a deep dive on thistopic. Particularly when there is ample time for a lively question andanswer period, we can really dig into this topic. Additionally, I amalways happy to have a private conversation around this topic and todiscuss the specifics of the information you are looking for. Likemost things, this topic is ever-evolving and therefore the informationchanges as we make every effort to provide the most up-to-dateinformation in our presentations.Q: Are my philanthropic efforts of any tangible benefit to mypractice value?THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 7ASK THE EXPERT CON'T:A:Wow! This is really a loaded question - and a timely question too. As we enter into the ‘season of giving’ Ihave a few thoughts about this. Strictly speaking from a financial standpoint, philanthropic efforts are nothugely impactful. However, philanthropic efforts are extremely personally rewarding. Volunteerism andcharitable giving feed the soul and refresh the spirit. If we are professionals who feel ‘filled up’ or rewarded, weare better professionals. Additionally, volunteerism and charitable giving can be an extremely important andpowerful tool for team building. I know that within my company, our team is ignited by our charitableendeavours - especially if it involves hands-on, tangible giving. A happy team is a productive team, whichabsolutely reaps multiple rewards. My other thought around this topic is from a marketing perspective. High-profile philanthropic efforts can be beneficial from a brand recognition standpoint, particularly in smallercommunities. If your philanthropic efforts help to raise your clinic’s profile within the community, this too willreap its own rewards. Personally, I feel the most important aspect of philanthropic giving is making a positiveimpact locally and on a broader scale. This is one way that each of us can change the world for the better - andwhat better value could there be?

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solution in an effort to be evenmore efficient)! I imagine this hasnever been done! Sadly we see, time and time again,buyers (who have never run a clinic)come in and think they can tweakand change things to get the costseven tighter or production evenmore efficient but often this comesat the demise of the practice. Somechange is always needed, but whatchange is important and howquickly should it be implemented? These are the key things you needto understand about changemanagement;While you likely have the bestintentions and believe you knowwhat it takes to take this practiceto new heights but much like arubber band, it will only stretch sofar. It’s a simple analogy but I find C H A N G E M A N A G E M E N T - T I P S & A D V I C E BY DARREN SHANAHANChange. Is. Hard.I think we can all agree that changeis hard for everyone. It can also beexhilarating and refreshing, but it isalways challenging and it’sespecially important to payattention to this issue if you arebuying a practice. Over the course of my career, I havemanaged many small and largeteams and I have had the privilegeof learning from some amazingcoaches along the way. I havelearned many tips and tricks which Ihave used to my general advantageover the years and which I wouldlike to share with you. Here, then,are some tips for changemanagement when applied topurchasing a new clinic.Let’s dive into the practice you arebuying. Imagine you have justpurchased a 1.8M practice andthere are 2 Hygienists and oneassociate working in this practice.In all likelihood, the reason youpurchased this practice is that it isdoing well, has a good hygieneprogram and some long term staff.It also has a good bottom line,largely due to the previous ownerwatching costs and keeping in linewith industry averages. So thisbegs the question, ‘what, ifanything, needs to be changed?’ Let me ask this question; when wasthe last time someone purchased aMercedes and then installed a Fordengine in it to save a few dollars?(No disrespect to Ford but thisexample illustrates the absurdity oftaking a high-end, efficient productand changing it with a lesser quality

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it effective. If I take a rubber band and try to stretch it quickly it will likely break faster. However, if I slowly andpatiently expand it over time it will, not only, take longer to break but it will stretch much farther. While ourteams are not rubber bands, we as humans do tend to pop back to our original shape if we are stretched toofar and not kept in a comfortable position. We all know that the most comfortable position to be in, is the onewe already know - which is why change is so hard! So what have we learned here? We’ve learned that noteverything needs to be changed and if we make changes more slowly we have a better chance of making itlast and keeping it changed without breaking what is already working. Additionally, we as humans - being reluctant to change - have a natural propensity to think that what we aredoing is working therefore why would we change? Also, if it’s not our idea then we tend to wonder why thisnew person, who has only been here for 20 mins, thinks they know better than someone who has been therefor 10 years. One of the key things you need to do as an owner is observe. A period of keen observation helpsyou to understand why things are done the way they are done in your new practice. This, in turn, will help youbetter understand how your ideas might work or even if they will work in this practice (that you just paid $1.8Mfor). Another key fundamental of change is; if it’s their idea then they likely will adapt to it faster. It is worth yourtime to solicit ideas and brainstorm with the team. This could lead to your team coming up with an idea youalready have. You would likely find the change being immediately accepted vs holding a meeting and saying“now we are doing it this way”. If you are going to make some changes it’s vital to make your team a part of itby also telling them the ‘why’ behind the change. Help them understand how it either creates a better patientexperience or makes the end of the day easier or how it helps all of you to be more prepared. Whatever it is,it’s easier to digest why the change if we understand how it will positively affect them or others around them. I believe one of the biggest challenges, as a manager and/or new owner, is leadership, and changemanagement. Therefore I highly recommend making an investment in your CE learning and along with thatcourse on the new technical changes in dentistry trying to attend some leadership classes. I guarantee youwon’t regret this investment in yourself, your team and your new clinic. ***CHANGE MANAGEMENT - TIPS & ADVICE CON'TTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  |

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loyalty and concern for this Dr’swell being is compelling her to notonly stick with him but to see if shecan help him.What are the boundaries here? If weobserve a problem with our clientsare we professionally obligated toquestion it? Are we morallyobligated to question it? And if wedo question it, how can we help - orshould we help?Research tells us that dentists areno more - or less - likely to developsubstance use disorders (alcohol ordrug abuse or dependence) thanthe general population. In otherwords, 10-15 percent of dentalprofessionals will have a drugand/or alcohol problem sometimein their lives.Continued on next page.H E A L T H , W E L L N E S S & D E N T A L P R O F E S S I O N A L SBY YVETTE SHANAHANLast month while having a lovely,and long-overdue, visit with somerelatives from Eastern Canada, thetopic of mental health was beingdiscussed. We were sharing withone another the stressors withinour own personal and professionallives, when my cousin blurted out -‘I think my dentist has a problem.’As we work in the dental industry, Iwas particularly interested in whatmy cousin was sharing. She sharedthat she had been with the samedentist for many years but that inthe past year she noticed manychanges in his personality and inthe way his clinic was operating.My cousin said that her usuallychatty and engaging dentist, hadbecome quiet and even sullen attimes. He would only engage in oneor two word answers and heseemed to have little interest inknowing what was going on her life. His office has begun calling andchanging (or cancelling)appointments, he started doing hisown hygiene and the office seemsphysically in disarray. Interestingly, she said ‘I can alwaysfind another dentist but I sort-of feltlike Dr. Blank and I were friends. I’mworried about him.’This got me thinking about a fewthings. I often wonder if werecognize that our clients develop asocial comfort with us (in mostprofessions) and may view us asperipheral friends. Although wehave a professional relationshipwith them, they are extremelypreceptive to our personal well-being and do they feel comfortableasking if we are ok? Are wereceptive to being asked thatquestion - and how do we answer ifwe aren’t ok? And even though, inthis case my cousin probablyshould find a new dentist, her

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So how can we help one another? This incredibly private and personal health issue is anything but private andpersonal - when noticed by co-workers and clients. This issue is extremely complex.I don’t have the answers. Believe me, I would share them if I did. But, I will say this - talking and sharing help.Maybe it’s ok to ask the question, ‘are you ok?’ Maybe it’s ok to ask your healthcare provider or your client … oryourself. Maybe that dialogue is the starting point for getting help, whatever the problem may be.I sincerely hope you are all ‘ok’, but if you’re not, that’s ok too. There are plenty of places to go for help, andthat first step will be the beginning of becoming ‘ok’ again. Please make the call if you need to - believe mewhen I say, YOU ARE WORTH IT.Resources:Wellness Together Canada - Immediate, free and confidential mental health and substance use help. 1-866-585-0445Narcotics Anonymous - Free meetings (includes virtual) and support for anyone who wants to stop using drugsmay become a member. 1-855-562-2262HEALTH, WELLNESS & DENTAL PROFESSIONALS CONTINUEDTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  |

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introducing our new bc rep corinne mark Beautiful British Columbia We re Here For You We don t have a picture of a stork but we ve added to our Avail Team We are thrilled to announce that the talented intelligent and amazing Corinne Mark has joined our team at Avail covering the beautiful province of British Columbia Corinne joins our team as an accomplished and recognized expert in the field of dental and orthodontic office efficiency and management Corinne is a partner with Strategic Ltd Her knowledge of all things dental and ortho make her a perfect fit as our newest Avail rep Please join us in welcoming Corinne to our Avail team click below to meet corinne

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MEET THE TEAM AT AVAIL Western Canada s Leading Dental Broker Lori William National Ortho Rep Jessie McCracken Andrew Jones Sara Trenn L o Morrison NEW Corinne Mark Darren Shanahan CEO Founder Coming Soon Angi McGarry 1 866 Go Avail 1 866 462 8245 AvailDentalAdvice com

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YVETTE SHANAHAN I am very often asked the question what s the difference between you guys and fill in the blank It s a funny question really because professionally speaking I can t speak to what other brokers or companies are doing or offering All I can really do is let you know what we do and what we offer It s in your hands to do your due diligence and find out what is the difference between Avail and other companies That said Avail is extremely competitive in pricing is widely respected by financial institutions and offers an unparalleled customer service experience So let s draw back the curtain As an aside we try to be very transparent in our operations so the THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 13 phrase draw back the curtain is a bit of a misnomer nonetheless let s take a look at Avail s offerings Let s begin with appraisals Avail appraisals are an in depth appraisal offering a fair and accurate market value for your clinic Our reps will attend your clinic and create an in depth equipment listing and assessment of your sundry items Our appraisal team gathers all pertinent reports and financial information and then they complete a full analysis of this information generating a report which backs up the final appraisal value and which is always included in the finished appraisal Darren himself will always be in communication with you the clinic owner and with pertinent members of your advisory team Darren works in collaboration with all of these people and reports to provide an accurate acceptable assessment of the over all clinic value Avail strives to provide a finished product that will be accepted by clients financial institutions accountants lawyers etc The cost of this product in 2022 is 4 500 00 Of note is that not all situations require a full and detailed appraisal Therefore we offer a variety of products such as benchmark reviews letters of opinion partial appraisal financial analysis offer reviews and tax valuations to name a few These products range in price from 1 500 00 3 800 00 Continued

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WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE CON'TAdditionally, we are always happy to custom create aproduct that works best for your individual needs.Our brokerage offering is a very hands-onexperience. Darren will ‘quarterback’ the sale of yourpractice from the beginning of the appraisal, throughmarketing the practice, showing the practice,entertaining offers, working through L.O.I.’s andpurchase agreements, advising on the transition planand overseeing until the sale is complete. Oftentimes, Darren fosters a good relationship with thepurchaser through this time as well. The sale of apractice is very complex, and in-depth, involves manymoving pieces and many parties, and is extremelytime-consuming. Most sellers do not want to beconsumed by the process, the enormity of the timecommitment and the many stresses of selling theirclinic. This is why a dedicated broker is consideredto be very helpful through the process of selling aclinic. Brokerage services are a percentage-basedpricing model, therefore it is best to contact us tolearn more about our extremely competitivepercentage pricing.For those who have a private buyer for their clinicsale, there are many ways that Avail can assist witheasing the burden of a seller. In this case, Darrenwould have an in-depth discussion with the seller andafter assessing what pieces of the puzzle he will beentrusted with, Darren will customize a price for theservices he will provide.In every aspect of what we do, we strive to betransparent and accessible to our clients.If you would like more information on these or anyother services offered by Avail, please call or emailus. We would be happy to provide you with all of theinformation you require.

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OUR FEATURED LISTINGSNew Listing Edmonton Practice Ref#1722Location: Edmonton (South East), Retail Strip-mall, Street level Ops: 6Gross production: $1,061,167Net income after all doctors’ fees Ave $238,295 (22.46% ROI)Value: $1.35MHygiene production: 40.7%RDH: 1.0 (FTE)Digital charts and Intra oral X-ray/Pan by Darren ShanahanCall For DetailsCall For DetailsTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  |

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OUR CURRENT LISTINGS by Darren Shanahan Clinic Type of Ops Gross GrossIncome Income Listing Price General Plus Real Estate Rural West of Edmonton Ref 1717 7 799 148 1 069 208 Real Estate General Practice Rural East of Edmonton Ref 1712 7 1 794 829 2 412 864 General Practice Saskatchewan Rural Ref 1392 8 1 250 000 1 300 000 Contact Darren Shanahan for further details on all of our current listings QUESTIONS ABOUT LISTINGS Call Text Darren Founder Owner Cell 403 862 7406 www AvailDentalAdvice com THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 17

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DARREN SHANAHANMany people ask me why they should do a benchmark review or practice valuation if they are not thinkingof selling. I respond with telling them a story that we saw unfold, firsthand, and we share it as acautionary tale in our lectures. Once there was an owner who was thinking of selling to an associate in the practice. The owner had avaluation done and tried to, independently, negotiate the buy-in. Unfortunately, both parties could not geton the same page and so they parted ways and didn’t look back. While some attention was paid to thevaluation, mostly it was just assumed that the value would carry on being the same value. Of course, weall know it’s not that simple and that factors such as production, overhead costs and staffing all factorinto the value of a clinic. As time passed the owner ran into some family issues (health and personal) and was unable to replacethe associate that had left the practice. That leads to some of the patients following that associate totheir new location. The absence of a restrictive covenant and other factors are beginning to reveal a fewcracks in the foundation. Fast-forward a couple of years and now the owner is starting to have some urgent heath issues. Theowner contacted us again to update the appraisal and to get a sale going. During our process of updatingthe appraisal we obviously noticed the decline in patients and revenue but noted that operational costswere not going down concurrently. As we continued our due diligence in preparation to take the clinic tomarket we noticed some costs seemed far out of line. As we dug deeper into this issue we discoveredthat the friend of the owner, who had been given the responsibility of payroll, had taken the liberty of

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giving themselves a hearty raise and had refurbished the office (and their home) with new computers andtelevisions etc. While, in a way, this was good news from pinpointing the expenditure overages standpointthe bad news is that we had uncovered fraud by a trusted family friend. Worth noting is that the ownerconsulted a lawyer about the recourse available to them to deal with the fraud. Unfortunately, the ownerwas advised that they would be looking at small claims court and would recover very little, if any of their lostdollars. Additionally, the owner was advised that the best course of action would be to remove thefraudulent worker and provide a severance so there could be no legal action from the dismissed party.Now the owner was faced with a dismissal with severance and the hiring of a new staff member plustraining costs. During this process, the health of the doctor rapidly deteriorated and the urgency to sellbecame far greater. The market, at the time, was good but the clinic location was a bit hidden and although the area wasexpecting a new box store, it was not confirmed.Now, let’s take a step back and look at what happened to the value over time and what went wrong.Originally the clinic was valued in the $1.4M range (when there was an appetite for the associate to buy in).When the owner decided to negotiate the sale on their own they made some critical errors in negotiationthat caused the deal to go off the rails. This is one of the many reasons that brokers are usually successfulat negotiating associate buy-ins because the broker can always take the deal to market if the associatechooses not to buy. Brokers also have the expertise to know what is truly important in a deal and what isworth fighting for, in term of conditions and restrictions. Armed with this expertise in the sellers corner theycould have negotiated a deal that would have seen them sell close to asking price, been assured of abuyout, and secured the value of the second half of the clinic. If we look at how it ended up for this owner, we see a loss of $600,000 because the associate deal wasn’tnegotiated and there were no attempts to secure the value of the clinic going forward. A few simple stepswould have saved them this money. It might have cost them $25K for a broker to help them negotiate thedeal but it would have saved them $575,000. Also, if the owner had, at least, replaced the associate they might have kept the production up to offset thecost. If they had taken good notice of the valuation they would have had an understanding of the costs ofrunning the practice. Continued on next page.HOW TO AVOID LOSING $700K CONTINUED

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HOW TO AVOID LOSING 700K CONTINUED This means that they likely would have noticed that the employee cost was creeping up and they could have caught the fraud early enough to save the cost of firing and the amount of the fraud which totalled together 110 000 If we are keeping track we are now up to 685 000 of lost income because of missing some key steps along the way This is why I am so passionate about people doing the quick yet vital work of planning Planning ensures that owners can preserve the value of their assets which they have either paid so much for or they have worked so hard to create Don t be this person when you intend to sell Pay close attention and don t be afraid to pay for expert advice and do the planning required it could be worth a lot for you and your family in retirement THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 20

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BY LORI WILLIAM & CORINNE MARKIt is the relationships with our patients that creates the foundation for a successful business. So, our goal is to connect authentically at every opportunity to create a positive experience, eachand every time. All it takes is a genuine S.M.I.L.E.S.M.I.L.ES - Sacrifice your task and engage genuinelyM - Make eye contact and connectionI - Intentionally identify patient’s needs and wantsL - Listen with the intent to understandE - Earn respect and initiate the relationshipContinued on the next page.THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 21

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S Sacrifice your task and engage genuinelySounds simple? But very difficult. As multi-taskers, we naturally seem to prioritize our daily task list vs.making a genuine connection with the patient as they arrive. Humans crave connection and this is a criticalstep in engaging patients to choose your practice. People can tell when the connection is disingenuous.Asking questions, and allowing the patients to do the talking will translate into genuine interest. M Make eye contact and connectionMake immediate eye contact, welcome by name and ensure you are focused on them. Do not accept anyinterruptions from the phone, team members or other patients. I Intentionally identify patient’s needs and wantsWhen you find a team member that is able to anticipate the patient’s needs and wants – they are worthevery dollar you pay them. L Listen with the intent to understandAsking questions will allow you to know exactly what they are looking for or what they did not get from theoffice they saw before they came to see you. E Earn respect and initiate the relationshipChanging the mindset from patient service to a patient-centered experience will aid in the execution of theseinsights to take your practice to the next level.Patient relationships are the defining factor of success for dental practices… ensure your connections areauthentic and this will make everyone S.M.I.L.E. CREATING AUTHENTIC CONNECTIONS CONTINUEDAbout The Authors: Corinne Mark and Lori William arepartners at Strategix and work with all dental andspeciality practices. Their experience in the dentalindustry gives them the ability to quickly identify thechallenges and opportunities within your practice andimplement strategies for your business growth andsuccess! Questions? Call Lori William or Corinne MarkPartners, Strategix Consulting Cell:403.703.9250 / 778.257.3636

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We understand the unique challenges you face in the increasingly sophisticated and competitive world ofdentistry. Today’s doctors can find it hard to be the visionary that sets the strategic direction for thepractice, the manager of a thriving business, the leader in services delivery, and a great people manager… allin the same day… every day! Our team of consultants specializes in implementation our programs and systems, provide specific metrics,assist with HR and recruitment, and provide hands on training and support to ensure your practice is healthyand generating the results you expect. More than just providing theory, we help you manage thetransformation of your people and processes so that you enjoy permanent and lasting results. Regardless of what stage you are at in your career, if you feel it’s time to ramp up your business, our goal isto help reduce your stress so you can enjoy more of the life balance you deserve and have worked so hardto achieve. We look forward to supporting the health and success of your business! Today’s Strategies…. Tomorrows Results!STRATEGIX – CONSULTING EXPERTISE YOU CAN TRUST

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YOUR TRUSTED INDUSTRY PARTNER Did you know that for over 2 decades our Founder Darren Shanahan has been in thedental industry as the go to for other industry professionals and leaders Every phone call that comes into our office is about a dental or healthcare clinic We don t work in any other industry We provide owners with a firewall to protect them from all of the pitfalls we know are out there throughout a transaction because we know how to prepare the deal and navigate the waters We re here for you Meet Our Team Darren Shanahan Yvette Shanahan Jennifer Larocque CEO Founder Co Founder Transaction Manager Logan Reynolds Morgan Minkus Transaction Specialist Transaction Specialist Questions Call 1 866 Go Avail 1 866 462 8245 or visit AvailDentalAdvice com

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THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE BY AVAIL DENTAL EXIT ADVISORY SERVICES The Dental Desk Magazine runs on a monthly basis to keep stakeholders in the dental industry in the loop December 2022 Come back for Issue 8 which will reveal the end of year trends and what to expect for 2023 Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Proudly Serving Western Canada Alberta B C Saskatchewan 1 866 Go Avail 1 866 462 8245 www AvailDentalAdvice com