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The Dental Desk - Issue #8

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S E L F - C A R E F O R T H E H O L I D A Y SW H A T T O K N O W A B O U T D S O ' sW H Y C H O O S E A H E A L T H & W E L L N E S S C O N F E R E N C ET H EF R O M W E S T E R N C A N A D A ' S L E A D I N G D E N T A L B R O K E RM A G A Z I N EI S S U E # 8 • D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 2

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Here we are in December and the holidays are upon us! As the yearcomes to a close and we ready ourselves to ring in a brand new year, Ifind my self reflecting on some of the highlights and big stories from2022.This year has been a time of tremendous growth and expansion forAvail. 10 plus years after launching this business and carefully planningeach step forward I am so proud of what we have created! Our Avail team now consists of myself and my wife (and partner) Yvette,and our 3 administrative staff (the legs we stand on) Jen, Logan andMorgan! We have outstanding reps in Edmonton / North Alberta - Jessie,Andrew and Sara, and our awesome Saskatchewan team Angi and Léo!We have our industry partners in Strategix Ltd, and also our amazingNational Ortho Rep, Lori and our talented new BC rep, Corinne!Additionally, in the new year, we hope to introduce ourWinnipeg/Manitoba rep! This team is truly a dream come true.Our marketing partner/genius, Sherri Beauchamp from GratitudeConsulting facilitated the launch of my passion project, our onlinemagazine, ‘The Dental Desk’!In the dental world, we’ve seen some very interesting changes,particularly in the world of the corporate dentistry model. We’ll definitelybe discussing this in the January issue of the Dental Desk.For now, though, I hope that this December message expresses mysincere gratitude. Gratitude for our team at Avail, gratitude for ourpartners and gratitude for you - our readers, clients, and friends. We areall players in one another’s plays, and I am so thankful for the parts youhave played and will continue to play.May this holiday season provide you a little rest, renewal and joy andmay 2023 be a year of good health, happiness, love, opportunity andpeace for us all.Slainté!Page 5 - Meet The SpeakersPage 9: What To Know About DSO'sPage 10 - Ask The ExpertPage 13 - Why Choose A Health & Wellness ConferencePage 15: Self-Care For The HolidaysCEO's MessageLooking For Featured Practice Listings?www.AvailDentalAdvice.comTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 2Founder, CEOAvail Dental Exit Advisory ServicesD A R R E N S H A N A H A NAvail Dental has been a trustedresource in the dental industry since 2012.CLICK HERE

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services inc Sponsors are collaborating on this CE getaway Health Wellness Winter Escape with CE for Canadian Dental Professionals Caring for you Mind Body Practice Cost 649 Guest 250 Date February 15 19 2023 Location Palm Springs California USA Margaritaville Resort A Desert Oasis With Island Soul This unique conference promises to provide dental professionals with a much needed break from our harsh Canadian winter The focus of the conference is to provide interactive activities and seminars covering physical health and wellness stress reduction and positive mental health strategies technical presentations for practicing dentists and financial presentations geared towards the financial health and well being of practice owners In addition to the Continuing Education points available participants will enjoy ample free time to explore the many offerings of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley Participants will also be encouraged to avail themselves of the many extra curricular excursions which will be offered to them REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY Click Here

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE This event has been curated for the dental professional s Mind Body Practice Thursday until 3 pm Friday until 1 30 pm Saturday Wine Tour 7 Golf optional add ons Breakfast lunch provided Presentations for the Mind include Dr Kristin Yont Emotional Freedom Technique Ila Edgar Better Workplace Teams Critical team conversations that drive trust commitment and real results Presentations for the Body include Yoga Meditation Walk Hiking Presentations for the Practice include Dr Amer Hussain Culture branding marketing mindset for practice growth Dr Dhesi Modern Day Dental Techniques Financial Panel Includes Darren Shanahan Hal Murdoch many more Practice Efficeinces Lori William To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com Presented By REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY Click Here

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Speaker Feature Bio Ila Edgar Founder of Big Change Inc Certified Dare to Lead and Trust Work Facilitator Building Better Workplace Teams The critical team conversations that build trust commitment and real results Great teams don t happen by accident Research shows that less than 10 of teams rate themselves as high performing That means that nearly 9 10 teams fall short of being who they want to be I suppose it isn t shocking the pressure to do more with less and navigate change at increasingly faster speeds is relentless And the time we have to connect with each other shrinks while expectations grow A common assumption is that teams naturally know how to work together and collaboratively It s simply not true Most people think We all know what a team is and we ve all been on a team before I do my job you do yours and everything will be ok Unfortunately working effectively together is not the sum of individual efforts even when individual performance is stellar You can have a team of individual rock stars but if they don t gel and work cohesively the team won t see the results they seek However teams that intentionally leverage their combined diversity and strengths and who build trust and cohesion can enjoy great success Join me in this session where you ll learn to improve your team s performance and deliver better results together by driving commitment engagement and empowerment I promise it will be engaging insightful interactive and fun To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com Ila Edgar hint it s pronounced Ee Lah understands what it s like to work for different types of leaders the great the good the bad and even the ugly Those experiences drove her to form a purpose and plan to develop her own leadership skills and to help others do the same Ila has over 25 years in progressive leadership roles combined with extensive experience in coaching and development She offers a unique combination of skills courage and care Ila believes wholeheartedly that trust is the foundation of every relationship even the one we have with ourselves She partners with leaders and teams to unearth what needs attention in their relationships sometimes it s a tweak and sometimes it s deeper in pursuit of higher leader and team effectiveness She believes in getting to the heart of what matters and developing a plan to uncover the confidence and skills to become an inspired and inspiring leader Learning to become intentional about the kind of leader you want to be is tough and it is work but it s incredibly rewarding for you and for those you lead And don t think for a second that it s about becoming perfect It s entirely about being real Click Here REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Speaker Feature Bio Modern Digital Workflows With so many new technologies being introduced today it can be daunting to understand if there really is a benefit to dental practices This lecture will overview the current digital workflows as well as their benefits to all the different styles of practice One of the fastest adopted technologies in dentistry currently is 3d printing A review of all the applications as well as the ROI on why 3d printing may be the solution most practitioners are looking for Modern Day Materials Like many aspects of dentistry dental material technology has gone through a significant evolution in a short period of time While this is exciting for the profession it has also created a lot of confusion What materials are best indicated for various clinical situations In addition handling of the materials is also critical to ensure the best clinical outcome The lecture will review current and new materials that should have an impact on all dental clinicians Handling and optimizing the different materials will also be reviewed to ensure clinicians are optimizing their results To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com Dr Volinder Dhesi Dr Volinder S Dhesi is a 2003 graduate of the University of Saskatchewan His practices are in Calgary Alberta and are primarily restorative focused including comprehensive esthetics and CAD CAM dentistry He is both a graduate of the Kois Center and the Las Vegas Institute Currently he is a Key Opinion Leader for Dentsply Sirona as well as teaching faculty at the new Denstply Sirona Academy in Ontario Canada He has served as a product consultant for 3M as well as teaching faculty for Straumann in the past Outside of Dentistry he spends much of his spare time with his wife of 19 years and their 3 children He is WSET 3 certified in wine and spirits and shares his passion for both wine and dentistry on his instagram handle thedentalwineguy Click Here REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Speaker Feature Bio Modern Day Marketing What s ACTUALLY Working Now With so many buttons to push and levers to pull in the marketing world it can be challenging to figure out which ones will actually move the needle for you and your business it s a full time role to keep track of all of the social marketing updates let alone measure what s actually worth your time This session will take the guesswork out of your marketing plan and allow you to start driving results forget the likes and views and get actual business We will cover the battle tested formula and 10 years of being in the marketing trenches during this session with you walking away with insights and an action plan to take home and implement with your team To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com Sherri Beauchamp Gratitude Consulting Group Inc Legacy YEG Often described as in the know when it comes to digital marketing to real people Sherri is known for her empathy and creating win win win relationships for all stakeholders involved her clients their clients and her company You can t deny that the way we communicate is changing people are looking for new and more creative ways to connect with their audience clients and people they love that s where Sherri s unique ability to help craft your story comes into play She believes storytelling is a lost art yet can be the catalyst to get us where we need to go in the modern world Click Here REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY

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Health Wellness Winter Escape For The Dental Professional s Mind Body Practice CE SESSIONS IN PALM SPRINGS 12 CE CREDITS AVAILABLE Speaker Feature Bio Dr Kristin Yont DMD Benson Henry Institute SMART Certified Healthcare Practitioner Mind Body Teacher Are you ever frustrated overwhelmed burnt out or stressed This presentation will help you develop self care tools to manage your stress reduce medical symptoms and enhance your wellness and quality of life You will learn Stress awareness you can t reduce stress until you learn to identify it Meditative techniques change your brain and learn to micro dose calm into your day Worry less by changing thought patterns and emotions by intercepting automatic negative thinking loops Techniques to improve eating sleeping and physical activity so that you can feel good every day To Register Contact Yvette Shanahan Marketing Sponsorship Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services Inc Cell 403 701 8780 Email Yvette AvailDentalAdvice com www AvailDentalAdvice com In addition to co owning her practice in downtown Calgary Dr Kristin Yont DMD is also the lead Dentist for the Calgary Flames NHL team and a Forensic Dentist working with the Chief Medical Office in Calgary Dr Yont is one of only three practitioners in Canada who are accredited to teach the Harvard Medical School and the Benson Henry Institute s SMART program Stress Management and Resiliency Training educating people on how to participate in their own wellness by decreasing stress and their vulnerability to disease Dr Yont works with universities healthcare associations and business leaders to implement wellness initiatives for their organizations She is also a certified yoga instructor of over 12 years and teaches yoga teachers anatomy physiology and the neuroscience stress and meditation Click Here REGISTER BEFORE DEC 25TH SAVE 100 USE CODE EARLY

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What To Know About DSO'sD E N T A L I N D U S T R YClick To Watch the Video Below:QUESTIONS ABOUT LISTINGS?Call/Text Darren Founder & OwnerCell: 403.862.7406Contact Darren Shanahan with any questions you have about your personal situation.

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Ask The Expert:D E N T A L I N D U S T R Yby Darren ShanahanFounder & CEO of Avail Dental Exit Advisory Services & has been in theindustry for more than 10 years.What's The Big Deal?www.AvailDentalAdvice.comTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 10

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Over the last several months we’ve been receiving some questions from the dentalcommunity. Our experience in brokering and appraising hundreds and hundreds ofpractices has made us a natural place for professionals to turn with theirquestions. We realized that several people had the same questions and so wethought this might make a great forum for people to ask their questionsanonymously and receive their answers. Therefore, ‘Ask the Expert’ was created.Please feel free to send us an email with your questions Is December a month where you typically see productiondrop in clinics?Answer: December, as you know, can be a very interesting month. Insome ways, it can be very busy as patients rush to get work donebefore their benefits run out. In other ways, it does slow downbecause many clinics choose to close between the dates ofDecember 24th and January 2nd. In many ways, staffing becomesproblematic in that time as staff also try to take time off over that‘Christmas week’. In general, however, those 2 ends of the spectrumtend to balance each other out - so I guess the short answer is thatDecember may typically be a bit lower in production but notmarkedly so. Conversely, if your office is open the whole month youare likely to see a rise in production. If you are noticing lowproduction in any month, it is worth taking a closer look at what mayfactoring into the drop and working to correct the problem. We arehappy to help you do a deep dive to find a cause and solution forthis issue.Question: I’ve heard you refer to ‘Conference Season’ before. Itseems that conferences and seminars operate from Autumn to latespring. How many conferences do you attend? What are youfavourites?CANDID COMMENTARY ON PRACTICE VALUATIONASK THE EXPERTThe "COVID Effect" On Your Practice:Call Us To Learn More.In order to prepare for the future,In order to prepare for the future, you must consider the must consider the past. We can help.We can help. 1-866-Go-Avail1-866-Go-Avail ((1-866-462-82451-866-462-8245))

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Answer: For us at Avail, conference ‘season’ tends to beSeptember and October. This past year, there were so many in-person conferences in September that we had to divide our teamin order to attend the top ones for us, and even at that, we had tomiss out on some of our favourites! It’s really tough to say whichones are our favourites, but we always try to attend theSaskatchewan Oral Health Conference, The NorthWest DentalExpo, and the WCDS Curling and Golf events. As I write thisarticle, we are on our way to our first Greater New York DentalMeeting and in February we will be hosting our first annual Healthand Wellness Winter Escape for Dental professionals. I’m excitedto share all that we experience and learn at the New York DentalExpo, and it’s probably safe to say that my FAVOURITEconference will be the one we host in Palm Springs in February!Question: This time of year most companies do a little bit extra forcharitable giving. What, if anything, does Avail do for charitablegiving?THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 12ASK THE EXPERT CON'T:Answer: What a great question! We like to think of ourselves as a community-focused company, and we try tomake this a year-round commitment to local charities in each community that we serve. Some of our charitableendeavours remain the same year after year, such as supporting the Shine Dental Initiative in Edmonton,Kindness in Action, Direct Dental in Saskatoon, The Alex Bus, and Food Banks in each community. This holidayseason our Calgary team adopted 5 seniors in the Senior’s Secret Service program, we’ve contributed toSaskatchewan’s ‘Let’s talk Turkey’ program and have made donations to the Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna,Victoria and Vancouver Food Bank programs. On a personal level, my family also supports the Veteran’s FoodBank in Calgary, my mother-in-law knits hats and scarves and donates them to the Women In Need Society andone of our favourite holiday traditions is to create care baskets and deliver them to the local fire, paramedic,police and emergency room departments. We certainly wish we could do more and we strive to constantlyincrease and improve our charitable giving. If you have some of your own favourites or know of groups in needof support, please share them with us.Question: Does the Avail office closeduring the holidays?Answer: This December, our office willclose at noon on December 23rd/22 andwill re-open on January 3rd/23 at 9am.This doesn’t mean that work on currentprojects stops entirely during this time.We continue to work on all projects thatare in the works, however, we do give ouradministrative team some much neededrest and family time and therefore will notbe responsive to new enquiries over thattime frame. We look forward to servingthis community with renewed energy andenthusiasm in the New Year.

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positional physical stressors, aswell as personal pressures andmental health challenges can alladd up to create a challengingworkplace environment.We have worked diligently toassemble a group of speakers andpresenters with a wider array ofexpertise to address the mind, bodyand practice of the dentalprofessional. The purpose of thisopportunity is to refresh attendeesand provide them with tools tocreate thriving professional andpersonal lives. For the body, we will provideopportunities for yoga, meditationwalks and learning about EmotionalFreedom Therapy, or EnergyTapping. Energy tapping is a toolthat has seen tremendous success W H Y C H O O S E A H E A L T H A N D W E L L N E S S C O N F E R E N C E F O R T R A V E L C E BY YVETT E SHANAHANThere are so many conferences,seminars, and travel ceopportunities out there. Sometimesit can be a real challenge to find theforest through the trees and tofigure out which opportunity is bestsuited to your needs or to theneeds of your office. I am facedwith same quandary as I try todetermine which opportunities toseize for our presentations and ourparticipation.Let me begin by saying that Ibelieve all of these opportunitiesare valuable and worthwhile.Somewhere behind all of theadvertisements and marketing, arehard working people who are tryingto assemble something of interestand value to offer. I know thisbecause, I am one of those people -and I have been working extremelyhard on a conference / experiencethat I have been dreaming of forseveral years. In February of 2023 we will behosting our first annual Health andWellness CE Winter Escape in PalmSprings!So, what makes this conferencedifferent? Well, in my experience, Ihaven’t come across many (if any)dental conferences that focus onthe health and wellness of theperson who is a dentalprofessional, while also offeringsome technical courses. I have a real passion for focusingon ‘health and wellness’ for theperson behind the professionaldesignation. I believe that ourprofessional lives will continuallyimprove if we put focus and effortin our personal physical and mental wellness. In the dental profession,especially, the stresses ofownership and office operations,the physical challenges ofrepetitive stress injuries and

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in the treatment of addiction recovery, ptsd and anxiety disorders. Energy tapping was recently highlighted onthe Today show. You can follow this link for a brief description on one way to utilize tapping to reduce yourdaily stresses. For the mind, experts in the fields of building trust, working smarter not harder, living and working withpassion, and mind/body stress management will be sharing their expertise and tools. In today’s world we aremore acutely aware of workplace stresses and how they spill over into our personal lives and vice versa. Weare also constantly striving to find a better work / life balance and to live with purpose and passion. Thesepresentations will enlighten your efforts and enhance the tools in your toolbox so that you may begin livingyour best life.Finally, for the practice, we have experts in the fields of brand building, digital and social marketing, modernday dentistry tools (creating efficiencies in your practice), mindset for practice growth, transition planning,accounting and much more. No matter what your role within a clinic may be, you will find professionaldevelopment opportunities through a number of these technical presentations.This event has been carefully curated to offer dental professionals a valuable ce experience that will nurturetheir mind, body, spirit and practice. Additionally, we have a wide variety of fun excursions to help you enjoythe beautiful and amazing Coachella Valley. I encourage you to read more about this event, and the seminarswe are offering, as you flip through this issue of the Dental Desk. I hope you will consider joining us for thesoul refreshing opportunity, because if you don’t invest in your health and wellness, who will? ***WHY CHOOSE A HEALTH AND WELLNESS CONFERENCE FOR TRAVEL CE CONTINUEDTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  | 14www.AvailDentalAdvice.comClick Here

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SELF-CARE IS NOT SELFISH. This has been a statement that Ihave struggled with. It’s against our nature to say ‘no’, to ignore the pileof work, to choose to not attendthat hockey game or that holidayparty, or to turn our phones off andbe fully present in the moment. Buthere’s the truth; when our lives areover (hopefully a long time fromnow) we won’t regret that we didn’taddress the pile of work, or wedidn’t run ourselves ragged, or thatwe missed a party, or even that wedidn’t make things perfect. We willregret that we didn’t spend qualitytime with our loved ones, that wewere so depleted that during theholidays we didn’t enjoy thosemoments or feel present in the joyand chaos.Continued on next page.S E L F - C A R E F O R T H E H O L I D A Y SBY YVETT E SHANAHANThe holidays are a funny time,aren’t they? If you’re anything likeme, you look forward to theholidays each year! I, personally,romanticize the holidays. In mymind I see twinkling lights, snowgently following but the weatherisn’t too cold, everyone has anabundance of spare time andholiday spirit, family gets alongbeautifully, perfect gifts are easy tofind in cheerful shopping malls withbargains galore, and enthusiasticbaking expeditions result in perfectpastries and tasty treats. Oh yes,the holidays in my mind are themakings of a Hallmark dream!But … when mid November comesaround, the reality of the holidayslooks quite a bit different than thepicture I painted above. It’s usuallya challenge to get those twinklinglights up and working, the weatherhas been a combination of bleakgrey skies and frigid storm conditions, there is no spare timeas everyone tries to get work andprojects wrapped up for a few daysoff. Family is running in manydifferent directions and peacefulharmony is tough to find, malls arebusy, cranky and prices are high,and the few minutes I get in thekitchen for baking is more like a rollof Pillsbury cookies … if we’relucky!I often feel harried, stressed, over-scheduled and generally like I amfailing on all fronts.It’s during these times that weoften forget to practice self-care. Inour quest to create the perfect fill-in-the-blank we tend to de-prioritizeourselves and end up feeling andfunctioning totally depleted. THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  |

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SELF CARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS CONTINUED This past year has been a challenging one for me personally A dear friend of mine lost her husband unexpectedly people I love are experiencing some major health concerns work is in a growth cycle which is wonderful but timeconsuming and attention requiring my elderly parents need more attention and after a couple of years of having to reduce our contacts and limit our family interactions I ve been too distracted and tired to really enjoy those moments So I made a promise to myself this year I am going to practice self care in the holidays and I am going to allow my rested engaged peaceful and content self to be fully present in the precious moments of this holiday I am ignoring the pile of work sometimes My husband and I go out for daily walks to reconnect and to enjoy fresh air and exercise I happily prioritize helping my parents as I recognize that those moments are fleeting and I will never regret the time I spend with them Sometimes I put my headphones in and indulge in a long and luxurious bath I try to eat well but don t deprive myself of the special treats of the season and I keep hydrated Sometimes I binge watch those Hallmark movies and sometimes I read from my favourite books I ve even carved out time for enthusiastic baking efforts Basically I m trying to make conscious decisions to feed my mind my body and my soul so that I may be a better version of myself for my loved ones my co workers and our clients I don t always succeed Sometimes it s a battle to prioritize myself and I don t always win but it s worth the fight I AM WORTH IT And guess what you are worth it too Let me say that again YOU ARE WORTH IT This holiday season I urge you to reflect on the things that are most meaningful to you and then put a plan in place to prioritize YOUR selfcare Make a list of things that help you to feel replenished refreshed joyful peaceful and content and then try to do those things You won t always succeed but treat yourself with kindness forgiveness and grace Your self care plan will help you to be more fully present in your special moments which will in turn reduce your regrets and help you to enjoy the holiday season and all year through And just in case you need to hear it again YOU ARE WORTH IT Happy and Peace filled holidays everyone THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 16 www AvailDentalAdvice com

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Darren Shanahan,Darren Shanahan,CEO & FounderCEO & FounderNEW: Corinne MarkNEW: Corinne MarkLéoLéo MorrisonMorrisonAngiAngiMcGarryMcGarryMEET THE TEAM AT AVAIL:Western Canada's Leading Dental BrokerJessie McCrackenAndrewJonesSaraSaraTrennTrennComing Soon!Coming Soon!LoriLori WilliamWilliam National Ortho RepNational Ortho Rep1-866-Go-Avail (1-866-462-8245)

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OUR FEATURED LISTINGSNew Listing Edmonton Practice Ref#1722Location: Edmonton (South East), Retail Strip-mall, Street level Ops: 6Gross production: $1,061,167Net income after all doctors’ fees Ave $238,295 (22.46% ROI)Value: $1.35MHygiene production: 40.7%RDH: 1.0 (FTE)Digital charts and Intra oral X-ray/Pan by Darren ShanahanCall For DetailsCall For DetailsTHE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE  |

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OUR CURRENT LISTINGS by Darren Shanahan Clinic Type of Ops Gross GrossIncome Income Listing Price General Plus Real Estate Rural West of Edmonton Ref 1717 7 799 148 1 069 208 Real Estate General Practice Rural East of Edmonton Ref 1712 7 1 794 829 2 412 864 General Practice Saskatchewan Rural Ref 1392 8 1 250 000 1 300 000 Contact Darren Shanahan for further details on all of our current listings QUESTIONS ABOUT LISTINGS Call Text Darren Founder Owner Cell 403 862 7406 www AvailDentalAdvice com THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINE 19

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YOUR TRUSTED INDUSTRY PARTNERDid you know that for over 2 decades, our Founder, Darren Shanahan, has been in thedental industry as the "go-to" for other industry professionals and leaders? Every phone call that comes into our office is about a dental or healthcare clinic. We don't work in any other industry.We provide owners with a "firewall" to protect them from all of the pitfalls we know are out there throughout a transaction because we know how to prepare the deal and navigate the waters. We're here for you.Meet Our TeamDarren ShanahanCEO & FounderYvette ShanahanCo-FounderLogan ReynoldsTransaction SpecialistJennifer LarocqueTransaction ManagerMorgan MinkusTransaction SpecialistQuestions?Call 1-866-Go-Avail (1-866-462-8245) orvisit:

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THE DENTAL DESK MAGAZINEB Y A V A I L D E N T A L E X I T A D V I S O R Y S E R V I C E SThe Dental Desk Magazine runs on a monthly basis to keepstakeholders in the dental industry in the loop.Avail Dental Exit Advisory ServicesProudly Serving Western Canada (Alberta,B.C. & Saskatchewan)1-866-Go-Avail (1-866-462-8245)www.AvailDentalAdvice.comJanuary 2023 Come back for Issue #9 which will reveal holiday trendsand what to expect for 2023.